RESPITE full short film (please ask for the password to view)

Who needs a home and a family when you’ve got four wheels?

A man leads an organized life. He jogs each morning, works in the office nine to five, picks up the laundry once a week. True, he lives in his car, and he hasn’t seen his wife and daughter for a while. But don’t we all need a little break from the world every so often?

Part character study, part road movie, Respite is the atmospheric story of a modern-day hermit.

Screenplay, Direction, Production: Adriano Cirulli –
Cast: Gianluca Cesale –, Sabrina Bartlett –
Original music: Eivind Aarset –
Cinematography: Robin Whenary –
Editing: Elisa Cepedal –
Sound design: Tom Lock Griffiths –
Art direction: Charlie Marie Austin –
Color: Tim Waller, Adriano Cirulli
Additional Cast: Sarah De Winter, Stuart Gee, Robert Scott, Tereza Klucka, Carli Johnson, Alan Sawyer, Pete Smith.
Associate Producer: Kevin Ahern
1st AD: Andrea Palladino
Production Manager: Kristina Neckel
Location Manager: Andrea Mongenie
Focus Puller: Jake Martin
Camera Assistant: Ola Mesmer
Sound Recordists: Tom Harburt, Grant Studart, Matt Price
Gaffers: Tom Maine, Ed Riley
Make-up: Ala Pangracova
Stills Photographer: Angus Young
DIT: Richard Perry, Iustin Filip-Mucenic
Production Assistant: Joe Miller
Runner: Selen Zorlu
Film clip from “The Seventh Veil” courtesy of A2B Media Ltd
Music clip from “Beautiful World” courtesy of MediaPro Music Entertainment