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RESPITE full short film (please ask for the password to view)

Who needs a home and a family when you’ve got four wheels?

A man leads an organized life. He jogs each morning, works in the office nine to five, picks up the laundry once a week. True, he lives in his car, and he hasn’t seen his wife and daughter for a while. But don’t we all need a little break from the world every so often?

Part character study, part road movie, Respite is the atmospheric story of a modern-day hermit.

Screenplay, Direction, Production: Adriano Cirulli – fallingfilm.comgoo.gl/wNFZgk
Cast: Gianluca Cesale – goo.gl/lfz8dB, Sabrina Bartlett – goo.gl/rNQH1b
Original music: Eivind Aarset – eivindaarset.com
Cinematography: Robin Whenary – robinwhenary.com
Editing: Elisa Cepedal – cargocollective.com/elisacepedal
Sound design: Tom Lock Griffiths – goo.gl/qbRnjt
Art direction: Charlie Marie Austin – charliemarieaustin.com
Color: Tim Waller, Adriano Cirulli
Additional Cast: Sarah De Winter, Stuart Gee, Robert Scott, Tereza Klucka, Carli Johnson, Alan Sawyer, Pete Smith.
Associate Producer: Kevin Ahern
1st AD: Andrea Palladino
Production Manager: Kristina Neckel
Location Manager: Andrea Mongenie
Focus Puller: Jake Martin
Camera Assistant: Ola Mesmer
Sound Recordists: Tom Harburt, Grant Studart, Matt Price
Gaffers: Tom Maine, Ed Riley
Make-up: Ala Pangracova
Stills Photographer: Angus Young
DIT: Richard Perry, Iustin Filip-Mucenic
Production Assistant: Joe Miller
Runner: Selen Zorlu
Film clip from “The Seventh Veil” courtesy of A2B Media Ltd
Music clip from “Beautiful World” courtesy of MediaPro Music Entertainment

Respite Festivals


Winner: Interpretation Award, Gianluca Cesale – Festival International Signes de Nuit, Paris 2016.
Winner: Remi Award – 49th Worldfest Houston 2016.

30th Brest European Short Film Festival, France – 10-15 November 2015.
7th Timishort Film Festival, Romania – 15-18 October 2015.
16th Izmir Short Film Festival, Turkey – 17-22 November 2015.
13th London Short Film Festival, UK – 8-17 January 2016.
18th Spokane International Film Festival, USA – 29 January-6 February 2016.
2nd Manchester Film Festival, UK – 3-6 March 2016.
32nd Sarajevo Winter Festival, Bosnia and Herzegovina – 7 February-21 March 2016.
ClujShorts International Short Film Festival, Romania – 04-10 March 2016.
34th International Film Festival of Uruguay – 22 March-3 April 2016.
2016 Brazilian International Labour Film Festival / Mostra CineTrabalho, São Paulo, Brazil – 4 May 2016.
A Long Week of Short Films Festival, Shanghai, China – 5-15 May 2016.
10th Llamale H Film Festival, Montevideo, Uruguay – 5-15 September 2016.
4th Festival Les Enfants Terribles, Huy, Belgium – 20-23 October 2016.
15th Reggio Film Festival, Italy – 3-14 November 2016.
14th Festival International Signes de Nuit, Paris, France – 24 November-4 December 2016.
5th Smita Patil Documentary and Short Film Festival, Pune, India – 10-11 December 2016.
15th Internationales Festival Zeichen der Nacht, Berlin, Germany- 21-22 January 2017.

Color Grading RESPITE

Sharing a bit of the color grading work behind RESPITE.

Graded in P3 from REDlogFilm source footage.

Color by Adriano Cirulli and Tim Waller. Cinematography by Robin Whenary. Starring Gianluca Cesale and Sabrina Bartlett.